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Please note: Battle Tags do not make your units stronger – this is not a pay to win product… but it helps

About Design

We know that design comes in many forms, from complicated to sublime in its simplicity. As a whole, a design should strive to offer an intuitive blend of aesthetics and function. The directive of a designer is to communicate visually in the simplest manner. Be it mechanically or digitally.


Creative Design

Design service catered to fun, and non-critical projects for entertainment. Such as miniatures and gaming related assets.

Jewellery Design

Jewellery CAD design services for the modern jeweller. CAD modelling with Photorealistic renders for client approval, and production. 

Rapid Protyping

Rapid Prototyping from Jewellery to miniatures. We use Bluecast or Grey ABS like Resins for all our models. 

Design Services offered by HPBotha

Non critycal designs the the HPBOTHA portal

Professional Jewellery and Industrial Design Services

Jewellery design services through the WJP portal

Rapid Prototyping Gear Logo

Industrial design and rapid prototyping

Uzwela Foundation Supprt

Help us, help others

We donate 15% of all our store sales on your behalf to the Uzwela Foundation.  We are proud to be associated with this fantastic organisation. 

The Uzwela Foundation supports and initiates community-driven charitable causes in South Africa.

At Uzwela Foundation, their charitable service is not limited to providing the basics necessities, but also connecting on a personal level, giving of their time, having empathy and showing true compassion to those less fortunate.

Uzwela Foundation was founded in 2021 by three female Directors, passionate about improving the lives of others.

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