Cults3D is a fantastic platform for finding and selling 3D models! I am so blessed to have found a platform that I can use to generate some extra much needed funds! I have published some models dedicated to Warhammer gamers and miniature painters alike. Expect to see plenty more to come!

The funds from the sale of the models is to drive the acquisition of my own resin printer. So every model sold, is a step closer to me providing a bureau service for jewellers!

[vrm360 canvas_name=s1 model_url= aspect_ratio=1.8 initial_offset=0.9]

The model above is part of the C’tan model i shared earlier, the walker is perfect for a kitbash for any Warhammer 40K army – you can find the model in the Cults3D bundle here.

Above is the great cleaning cup — with all it’s cleaning greatness for your paintbrushes. You can find the model here

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