A new passion has slowly been brewing within me. …. That of the Audiophile persuasion. It is so strange! The love of design  ( starting with pure aesthetically pleasing shapes found in jewellery to that of utilitarian vaping devices) has now found a foot hold in speaker design. 

Not only did I always love listening to my mom’s old Blaupunkt stereo system, and to this day, listening to Bread still brings up flashes of mom singing along while my sister and I where dancing in front of the two large floor standing speakers. I also fondly remember putting the needle to my first classical album collection! This was many moons ago, but the memories fill me with nostalgia. 

My eyes truly opened when I saw the speakers by Sonus Faber, especially their Aida floor standers…. the shape that is so sexy, so sweet that it brought me to tears — metaphorically obviously. 

Sonus Faber Aida – the Gush Speakers

The Aida’s first inspired a mechanical tube vaporiser, with interchangeable shields – directly inspired by the diffusion shields of the Aida. 

But the bug bit, and the research started…. I was ‘into’ it and for the last 9 months I have been obsessed by the idea of design, not only following function into form, but the ability to juxtapose design with emotional interpretation … with the ultimate result of a highly technical and exacting science with something that would be a lasting, creative and intrinsically artistic.

…WJP is becoming sciency-artsy

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