About Brand


As a design creative, I support various tasks in the design field. To better understand what services are offered, I have segmented the design services into three branded service levels. One is dedicated to the non-critical design option – suited to 3D sculpts for entertainment purposes, a critical design level for manufacture, and a third suited to upscaling and development in the South African entrepreneur.


Under the personal brand of HPBotha, the design service is dedicated to creating 3d sculpts for the miniature painter and collector.

From 2021 a portion of all proceeds generated through our Cults3d shop will be donated to the Gauteng based Uzwela Foundation.

Wargaming models are available exclusively through the cults3d.com portal. Commissions for custom designs can be made here:


WJP services customers that need 3D models and graphic assets for manufacturing. With 18+ years of jewellery CAD/CAM design and 5 years of industrial design experience, WJP can create your design to your exact specifications.

3D manufacturing is supported through industry-standard software applications and files such as STP, STL, and Rhino3D. We are proud to announce that we have enrolled in the Siemens Solid Edge for Startups incubator program. Thanks to Ultimate Partner from South Africa for assisting us with this great opportunity! 

Photorealistic product presentations are our mainstay. In the jewellery industry, it has become invaluable to get customer buy-in, by allowing digital prototyping and refinement far better and cheaper than traditional methods.

WJP’s goal is to become a one-stop design and prototyping option, we have in-house miniatures and Jewellery printing capabilities with our Phrozen 4K printer.

For those looking for jewellery production, we have partnered with Johan Mostert Jewellers who will make use of our 3D modelling services on your behalf.

We would also like to thank 3D Wax Worx for supporting us with our 3D printer requirements. 

Arte Deum

Arte Deum is a collective of like-minded artists and craftsmen supporting each other in developing new products and bringing them to market. WJP supports the initiative through:

*Creative Consultancy

*Design Services

* Graphic Design & Online Marketing

Arte Deum is a wonderful opportunity to develop and grow entrepreneurship in South Africa. Bringing new products to market is a daunting exercise, by working together Arte Deum compliments talents and services for all its members.

Uzwela Foundation

The Uzwela Foundation is a South African NPO charity organization that started from humble beginnings and support local organisations through donations. 

The benefactors of the Uzwela Foundation are both Gauteng institutions:

* The Frida Hartley Shelter
* St. Francis Care Centre

WJP supports the foundation by offering our design services as well as DTP & online marketing.

To learn more, or support, please visit their website at uzwela.org