So for the few who will be stumbling onto this website blog, let me recap what has been happening. …

I started with jewellery CAD design nearly 18 years ago, then went into E-cig design and lately I have been dabbling in speaker design. But i always have been driven by the ideals of jewellery design. Making something pretty is a subtle balance between proportion, shape and function; but always I have leaned towards primary shapes like ovals and arcs.

All design can be classified into the male and female – either by their function/intent, material choice and by their inherent shape.

The solid gold square vs the soft aura around the character creates the contrast to indicate the title “Contemplation of a promise… “

I find ovals a very feminine shape, and oddly comforting to first lay out soft arcs and then develop a design over these intersections. Hard shapes are more masculine and juxtaposing hard edges with soft shapes/arcs in the right balance reflects on the purpose of a design.

VERY geometric, but again the feminine form is highly focused within the charper triangle nesting a sphere of contained energy, title “Definition of enthalpy”

This has always been a driving force in my designs for smaller objects, characters in drawings and super large constructs – for instance a large landscape with a character in the forefront and maybe a few buildings in the background. The character would be a more complex balance of hard shapes and soft, while the buildings would be similar but opposite in it’s balance. While the landscape itself would be more geometric.

The soft female form, strong geometric circle of gold, while the figure itself sharply punctures the circle – I love it, and nicely reflects the title “Patiently contemplating today.”

Speakers would again be more industrial – mainly for manufacturing purposes. Making for overtly male design language. Cosmetic enhancements would again try and evoke the feminine through material choices and auxiliary finishes that might be more delicate, using repeating patterns that evoke the softer feel/intent and by exposing the drivers of the speaker.

So what now?

So what am I currently working on? Well, the last few designs where actually for a client. He is a local jeweler who commission’s me to do some CAD design and renders so that his clients are able to envision their designs prior to put down their deposits. This is the easiest way to save money – for both my client, and his.

for that special moment, for that special person it becomes the ultimate symbol of ideology.

But, this is not design, this is commercial regurgitation of previous concepts…. nothing exciting nothing new…. just more of the same with slight adjustments to the same formula. Although, for that very special moment – with that special purpose it is unique, it is precious and it is theirs. Is that not what we all strive for – to tell a story that is unique and that can be owned? No matter what our own ideologies are about design….
for that special moment, for that special person it becomes the ultimate symbol of ideology.