Custom Made Bits


The HPBOTHA sub-brand is the personal collection of services dedicated to the miniature community, the fun side of the WJP brand – where the creative juices flow and you can get lost in a fantasy world. After the abysmal year of 2020, we all need a bit of something extra to feed our own Zen moments. Miniature painting and wargaming is the ultimate nerdfest goodness. Artists and serious neckbeards all agree on one thing…. you can never have to many Bits, and you can never have enough grey plastic!

If you are looking for Jewellery designing services, Industrial designs or DTP services, please visit the WJP section – here.



Have a design in mind, or need a special bit for your latest kitbash? We offer a range of Warhammer 40K inspired bits on our Cults3D page, have a gander. 

If you need a custom design, then click the button below!

Female C'Tan


Custom BatteTags for your 28mm scale wargaming miniatures! Ideally suited for KillTeam, Necromunda and WarCry. Why stop there!? Reward the valiant efforts of your mini after a gruelling battle and have its name forever adorn its base! 

Base sizes supported:

  • 28mm Round
  • 32mm Round
  • 40mm Round
  • 90mm Round
  • 120 x 90mm Oval


We finally have our Resin Printer! The high resolution that this small printer delivers is astounding!

From Bits & Busts to full 28mm scale miniatures! All printed in an ABS like hard resin.  

Exclusively to our fellow South African customers,