CAD – Jewellery Design

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CAD modelling for jewellery pieces, the client supplies the design, Pappa makes the model!
You will receive a 3D model for printing, as well as photo, renders at 900×900 resolution

You will be required to upload a design – only one design image to start from our side. We will be in contact should we require more images to design from.

We include a Casting Weight Calculation with every CAD model, should you require a stone/setting log please request it at the time of submission.

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Our standard Jewellery CAD modelling service. We created a flat rate for all our designs, within reason. Once we received your design we will finalise the price with you, either way, we intend a 24-48 hr turnaround time with render output that can be used to communicate with your client. Revisions are included for free, but if the design deviates too much from the originally submitted design, we would require an additional design fee.

Customer Design

Silver, Platinum, Rhodium, Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold


CAD 3D Model for Printing


Default 4 view 900 x 900 Photo Render


Standard Casting Weight Calculation included.