Safari Backpack 2

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The custom set of 5 backpacks for the adventurous Marine excludes bottle and blanket roll

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A well prepared Marine is…. well prepared! The custom backpack (set of 5) is great for the adventurous Marine – or the unlucky one being deployed for a long stint behind enemy lines.

This backpack:
5 x Backpack with Camo cloth on top

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 16 × 7.5 cm

4K High-Resolution printing (0.027 voxel size) and 0.02mm layer heights mean you have stunning smooth surfaces with excellent definition of details. All prints come fully cured., Please select if you want us to remove the supports prior to UV curing, or if you would like to do it yourself.


Printed in Grey 4K Resin. It is a hard resin that takes very well to emery sanding and drilling. To assemble use Superglue.


This model has some small parts. Should you misplace a part, contact us for a part reprint. Although prints are robust they will break. If you are concerned about fragile details use super glue as a reinforcement layer. Or use watered down Green-Stuff and paint on reinforcement.


Printed Models come as-is with no primer. All parts are thoroughly washed., Always prime your prints before painting, without primer the paint will not adhere properly.