Standard Banners

I just uploaded some Banners for Space Marine chapters. Nothing fancy and based on the official banner. The idea being that the relief sculpts would be easier to paint. Again, please email me should you wish to add your own Chapter!

Some Pauldrons?

I made up some pauldron designs for various Space Marine chapters. I fully support Digital Kit-bashing of miniature war-gaming – Make your game epic. A blank universal option is available as well. Each pack is available on for 3 Euros each – Any and all sales go towards funding the purchase of my own…

A Slow Grow

Searching for Zen, I had to find it in the geekness, the nerdness, the full neckbeard’ness of a new/old hobby! Let me revel in the pure fun of it! Yes, it is a far cry from jewelry design, or speaker design, or for that matter any functional design … but is that not the point?